Mother Goose Bookcase Collection

  • 16 hardback books each with 24 pages of full colour illustrations
  • Musical recordings on a double-sided audio tape
  • Videos featuring animation, puppetry and live footage
  • A Mother Goose soft toy
  • A 96-page development and activity guide to the programme titled "Songs and Rhymes and Children"
  • Mother Coose Bookcase Collection

    Code 6000

    Price $345

    Mother Goose Videos

    • Together these offer lively renderings of more than 60 rhymes and poems in song, recitation, live video footage, charming animation, puppetry and activities.
    • They also present a karaoke selection for older children to join in with on their own, or for parent and child to perform together.
    • Video dictionary selections reinforce a first vocabulary with spoken word and matching picture

    Mother Goose Books

    • Feature over 60 nursery rhymes and first poems
    • An outstanding collection of beautiful illustrations
    • Set out simple music notation for title songs
    • Provide illustrated dictionary pages to encourage language and picture-to-word matching
    • Are animated or dramatised on video
    • Can be expanded by a whole range of further activities as set out in the guide, "Songs and Rhymes and Children"

    Mother Goose Audio tape

    • This presents new and traditional musical renderings of more than 60 rhymes.
    • This audio can involve the child in a range of listening, singing, play-acting and music-making activities
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