Read and Chant

The richly illustrated Read and Chant stories are specially designed to teach colourful sounds in the context of rhyming words and dancing rhythms. The rhyme and repetition will encourage children to read rhythmically and with expression.

Zoom to the moon

Zoom to the Moon is a magical adventure in space encouraging children to invent their own fantasy worlds. The story is told in rhyme with children invited to join in the chorus.

Hupple tck hoo

Hupple tck hoo is a lyrical poem-in-a-song about friendship across the world. Young children will have fun imitating the unusual sounds and hiccuping toad's chorus.

Snapdragon Monster

Deep in the Natterjack Forest is a place where no one will go - the home of the Snapdragon Monster. Children will enjoy playing the guessing game in this tongue-twisting rhyme.


Cha cha cha

Chant with Conchita as she prepares a herby-hot chilli to the dancing rhyme of the Cha cha cha. Then off to the kitchen to cook some of her favourite recipes for yourself.


Spy in the night

Shhh! There's a Spy in the night! Peep into the shadows of the Natterjack Forest. Look behind the trees and under the leaves. Ahhh! Who's there? Children will enjoy tracing the spy's moonlit path through this dream-like book of shadows and shapes.


Read & Chant Codes

Zoom to the moon 3051

Hupple tck hoo 3052

Snapdragon Monster 3053

Cha cha cha 3054

Spy in the Night 3055

All titles published in hard back


Pre-school to primary


$19.95 each

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