Lavishly illustrated and magical the Storytime tales from the Natterjack Forest contain bold, easy-to-read text and rich vocabulary. These bright and entertaining adventure books are ideal for both shared and independent reading.

A message in a bottle

A message in a bottle is an exciting adventure in the world of make-believe emphasising the importance of fantasy and imagination in children's play.

Toad in a teapot - Three little toads set off to visit their Great Grandma Natterjack on the other side of the forest . . . but Wily Komodo is lying in wait! Read on, because there's a surprise waiting for Wily too . . .

Toad in a teapot
There's something in the forest

There's something in the forest - it buzzes, it whistles, it chatters and it snores. But no one knows who or what it is. This is a humorous story with a hide-and-seek theme.

Conchita's Party - Conchita, a chinchilla from Chile, arrives in the Natterjack Forest. All the animals welcome her by throwing a party. This story celebrates cultural differences and friendship.

Conchita's Party

Storytime Codes

Message in a bottle - 3001

Toad in a teapot - 3002

There's something in the forest - 3003

Conchita's party - 3004

All titles published in hardback


Pre-school to primary


$24.95 each

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