Wide Eye Games Kits

Early learning games to help young pre-school and early primary children practice words and numbers.

Wide Eye Words. Forty-eight brightly coloured, look-and-say flashcards are designed to illustrate familiar, everyday objects that are part of a child's world.

Sewing Picture Cards. The six sewing cards, featuring characters from the Wide Eye storybooks, are designed to foster hand-eye co-ordination as well as to reinforce colour and shape recognition.

99's Domino Cards. Social skills in young children need to be actively encouraged. In this game children take turns to match the dots on the dice to those on the cards to complete a picture of 99.

Snap and Pairs Game. Three fast-moving, fun games test picture recognition of the Wide Eye characters and develop memory skills.

Natterjack Picnic Puzzle Game.

The Natterjack Toads are having a picnic. The players are invited to join them by hopping over the lily pads! At the same time, they begin developing manipulative and numeric skills.

Shapes and Sizes. These six mini-puzzle boards help develop hand-eye co-ordination, as well as identify different patterns, colours, shapes and sizes.


Code / Price

Wide Eye Words 2002 $19.95

Sewing Picture Cards 2003 $21.95

99's Domino Cards 2004 $19.95

Snap and Pairs Game 2005 $21.95

Natterjack Picnic Puzzle Game 2006 $23.95

Shapes and Sizes 2007 $23.95



Early Primary

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