Wide Eye Soft Toy Collection

Little Hoot Glove Puppet.

This puppet is especially useful for parents and teachers when using the storybooks to teach and entertain.

Little Hoot Soft Toy.

This is a soft and appealing replica of the young child's learning companion.

Baby Komodo Toy.

A mischievous bean-filled toy.

Conchita hand puppet.

A child's hand puppet of the cheerful little chinchilla.

Natterjack Toad Finger Puppets

Fun little finger puppets which slip easily onto tiny fingers. (Set of 6)

Code / Price

Little Hoot glove puppet 5001 $29.95

Little Hoot soft toy 5002 $22.95

Baby Komodo toy 5003 $22.95

Conchita hand puppet 5004 $22.95

Natterjack Toad finger puppets 5005 $24.95

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