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In our rapidly changing world it is essential that children develop effective learning skills from an early age.

One of the most vital contributions we as parents and caregivers can make to the future of our children is to provide a solid foundation to our children's education.

It is our responsibility, therefore, to provide a rich and exciting learning environment at home and at school in which our children can learn, grow and develop to the best of their ability. To help us meet this responsibility we need to choose the best possible support materials and recognise that learning begins in the home and continues with our support all through childhood.

Little Learners believes in the advantages of a good and early start to learning. The company is now introducing the Wide Eye Early Learning Programme into New Zealand.

Wide Eye was created and developed by a UK-based company which has more than 20 years of direct involvement in education and has translated and sold the Wide Eye programme to more than 40 countries.

The editorial team responsible for creating Wide Eye comprised both experienced teachers and well established authors, who have worked with sales consultants and parents alike to isolate the key ingredients of home and school learning, presenting them in a fresh and imaginative way.

Wide Eye Early Learning Programme

Wide Eye Early Learning ProgrammePatterns and ShapesAll about meMovement and PlaceWordsNumbersLets Meet Wide EyeColoursSizeTime
Wide Eye Box Set
Wide Eye Carry Case Collection
Wide Eye Box Set
A Story in a Song

Wide Eye Soft Toys Collection

Baby Komodo Soft Toy
Natterjack Toad toys
Little Hoot Glove Puppet
Little Hoot Soft Toy
Baby Komodo Toy
Conchita Hand Puppet
Natterjack Toad Finger Puppets

Wide Eye Parent & Teacher Support Materials

Wide Eye Teachers GuideWide Eye Worksheets
Teacher's Guide

Placing an order

Placing an order
Placing an order
Money back guarantee
Money back guarantee

Wide Eye Games Kits

Natterjack Picnic Puzzle Game
99's Domino Cards
Wide Eye Words
Sewing Picture Cards
Shapes and Sizes
Snap and Pairs Game
99's Domino Cards
Natterjack Picnic Puzzle Game
Wide Eye Games Compendium

Wide Eye Library

Read and Chant Series
Fly to the moon
Storytime Series
Little Hoot's First Library
A messages in a bottle Little Hoot's First Library

Mother Goose Music and Language Programme

introduction to Mother Goose
Book Case Collection
Carry Case Collection
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